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Hi, I’m Molly Matthews, founder of Job-IQ and a fan of career re-imaging. I’ve spoken with a number of successful 50+ career re-inventors and you can see their stories below. You can also learn more about Job-IQ, an online career literacy curriculum, here and about my own career pivot from business owner to novelist an author of Irish Luck, Chinese Medicine here.

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Career Outside the Box features people 50+ sharing how they successfully pivoted from a life-long career into something new, different, or re-imagined. This week Donna Sawyer interviews me, about my own career pivot!

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COMING SOON: Job-IQ 50+ A Re-invention Curriculum

Job-IQ is a streamlined self-study that guides job seekers through career exploration and how to build a resume, career story, and interview and networking skills.

We are currently developing a 50+ version that will address how to re-imagine, re-brand, and create opportunities as a volunteer, entrepreneur, consultant, or member of the “gig” economy.

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This project is supported by a grant from

the Global Good Fund and the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation.