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New, different, or re-imagined! Career Outside the Box features the stories of people 50+ re-inventing work they lovE.

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COMING FALL 2019 : Job-IQ 50+ online Curriculum

Job-IQ is an online self-study curriculum that helps job seekers prepare, persist, and succeed at finding work they love. We are adding lessons on how to explore and re-brand, with new material designed especially for re-inventors 50+ that will address how to create opportunities as an entrepreneur, volunteer, consultant, or member of the “gig” economy. Use the button below to be notified when it’s ready.

Career Outside the Box made possible by a grant from the Global Good Fund and the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation.


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About Molly Mahoney Matthews

Author and Career Re-Inventor 


Hi! I’m Molly Matthews, founder of Job-IQ, an online curriculum for creating work you love and a fan of career re-invention.

As a life-long businesswoman, after selling my company I re-invented my career. My first novel, Irish Luck, Chinese Medicine, will be available in the fall of 2019.

I recently interviewed 10 people 50+ who have successfully navigated career change. There are as many ways to re-invent as there are individuals. I hope you enjoy learning abut the paths of these re-creators and share your story above.