About Job-IQ 

Job-IQ delivers effective, cost efficient, and engaging learning management training designed to equip candidates with the excellent skills, a positive, entrepreneurial mindset, and individually focused mentorship that can bridge to job placement and long-term career success.

Job-IQ was founded by  Mahoney Matthews, Job-IQ,  pictured below  (standing.)  Molly built Matthews Media Group, a marketing firm, as a start-up at her dining room table and grew the company to 15o employees. Since the company was acquired she has worked with college career centers and workforce programs to guide college graduates to mid-career professionals  and those seeking encore careers to meaningful life work with a focus on developing entrepreneurial mindset.

Currently the Job-IQ curriculum is offered in a workshop format that include lectures and workbook materials covering the information and exercises, discussions, role plays, and worksheets for individualized and small group activities. We are developing a smart phone application to make our content available in a convenient, self-paced format with features that utilize technology to engage students through gaming, prompts, tracking, and data analytics and facilitate peer-to-peer-coaching and mentorship.


Today a college degree or technical training does not automatically lead to employment. Even among the employed, estimates show there are over $22M people in the U.S. filling positons ill-suited to their interests and abilities or frustrated by poor management performance and lack of opportunities for growth in their current job. Many people are ready something new and here are some examples.

Graduating College Student

A first-generation college student started Job-IQ during her senior year to get a jump on the job market. She completed Job-IQ skills modules when it was convenient for her and was assigned a mentor (in person or on-line.) The mentor reviewed her resume, helped refine her branding and networking plans.

Encore Career

Following three decades as a high school teacher, this candidate was ready to retire but felt she had so much more to give. Job-IQ worked with her to identify her strengths and set new career goals. She decided she enjoyed community work and volunteered at a local homeless shelter where today she has bene hired as the executive director.

Mid-career Transition

A seasoned corporate vice president was at a dead end in his current company. He no longer liked the work, his boss was difficult, and he felt cut off from future prospects. He decided to return to school and earned a degree in a different discipline. After graduating he found he was overqualified for jobs in his former field, but could not afford to start out at an entry-level positon in his new area. After completing the modules, he worked with one of our senior counselors to assess a business idea that would allow he to use both degrees and develop a business plan for a start-up.